Eleanor Aquitaine

Eleanor Aquitaine (1122 1204) is Queen of French and of England either, she was the power behind the thrones. She influenced the govern of four Kings   two of which was her husbands, and the other two was her sons. Pretty duchess governed region of Aquitaine had never been happy to the last, but has been true politician of the England history.

She was born in 1122 in the wealthy of Aquitaine duchy, which is now South of French, Eleanor is daughter of Duke William. At the time she’s born, French devided into a couple of duchies (independent federal countries). Each duchy were governed by a duke or duchess, which is dedicated to the King of French. The strongest one and the most vast duchy of all was Aquitaine, which for some reasons is more important than French.

From the early age Eleanor Aquitaine had been interested more to politics and defense rather than to “working woman”. She has a slim posture and feminine manner, and also best in horse riding and archery. Duke William could be dissappointed of not gotten any son, despite of Eleanor had been grown up, he should be thanked for his fortune having daughter like her. Since her mother passed a way, Eleanor getting more attached to her father. She used to came accompany with her father on many royal visits all over Aquitaine regions; and spent alot of attention on how the Duke handle imperial duties for his people. Eleanor mostly popular among Aquitaine folks. For that reason, at the time Duke William gone in 1137, the people of Aquitaine were ready to widely opened their arms having Eleanor replace over her father’s throne, to be duchess leading her country.

There had been a serious case at the day of Duke William was passing a way. Eleanor had making love with a charm knight named Richard, whose social degree was assumed not appropriate to be a duchess husband. It hadn’t been long that Duke William worried about Eleanor acquainted to Richard, but do nothing to stop them up. Soon after Duke William dead, some of parliament leaders decided that Eleanor couldn’t dedicated to a knight as humiliate may bring to the kingdom was assumed. Beautifull, Rich, and politically as an important person, she was a heaven grant to be saved only for the highest valueable prince might proposed.

Eleanor’s love to Richard should be stopped. A rumour told that Richard was killed in the very eyes of frightening Eleanor one night just when the couples striving for a secret dating. And Richard had gone, after all. Not so long, the fifteen years old Eleanor got married with Prince Louis, the French throne’s heir. Politically, this marriage is a prospectfull strike at least.

To unify the wealthy and huge of Aqui¬taine duchy to the reign of French territory, was meant to balance the Duke Normandia has, of Geoffrey Plantagenet. (Normandia similar to Aquitaine, was one of the powerful duchy in West Euro¬pe, and Plantagenet is the one who loved war, to win more lands for his reigns).

A couple of days after Eleanor married to Prince Louis, crowning ceremony of eighteen years old Prince Louis then provided and earn him the King of French namely Louis VII. (His father, King Louis VI, passed a way after 30 years reigned). The Young Louis who is shy, calm, and introvert is actually an intelligence one, but he is mostly influenced and driven by two priests namely Odo and Bernard.

Eleanor the Queen find the French Palace in gloom. She has a good friend in the palace, a knight named Amaria. If chances were given, Queen Eleanor could been made it for a couple of time –equipped with her political knowledge– Aquitaine give her favours to Louis to govern their new kingdom. But the King’s advisors wouldn’t allowed her to join in politics, as they assumed Eleanor would gives him bad favour. According to them, the Queen is just a fun seeker with her undependable moral attitude.

Louis VII could be love his beautiful Queen with all his love, as a normal man. But now he’s a cold, not a romantic, and not a pleasurable person. And Eleanor, whose in her full adolescence, thought she had trapped in an unhappy marriage. “I thought I’ve married a King,” she once said, “but he actually is a monk rather than a groom!” Having small affection from her husband,

Eleanor spent most of her days chat for hours with her guard, Amaria, on love stories and knights. The Queen several time has cynical to French Palace’s formalisms and stubbs, she spent more times having fun, listening musics, joking and singing romantical songs and poets of idols. King Louis didn’t agree with his wife routines, but let it go anyway.

Queen Eleanor actually was an intelligence, educated, had studied to almost all Universities in Paris. The city which, has only a few group of masters from entire of Europe learn theology, philosophy, and state law all their founders. Women might join and listen those meeting and arguing, but prohibited to share their opinions. This was dissappointing for Eleanor who used to open speak, and if she even join in the academy, she has to bite her tongue not to talk.

Finally, something that released her boredom was happened. After decades gone by, the Christians of West Europe Barat won back the Holy Land from the Turks, after Moslems conquered Yerusalem in 1071. In 1147, Louis VII were persuaded by advisor priests and his people to organize a military expedition, the second Crussade, to Palestine. Eleanor had no enthusiasm to join the Holy War, but she actually wont stay in the palace while her husband leave to Palestine.

Then decided what she wanted, Queen Eleanor asked the King to let her come with a group of women accompany their husbands to Holy War. The advisors furiously rejected, but Eleanor had the key. The people of Aquitaine wont be enthusiasted come to recruitment, and Eleanor stubbornly ensure them that those people will come joining the Crussader if she came to volunteer. In the beginning, the priests like Odo and Bernard were hard felt about Queen’s idea on joining the Crussaders. But they can’t put off the Queen’s arguments, which then made them agree at last.

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